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The violation of many laws just for the grocery stoppage alone includes: HUMAN TRAFFICKING, ENTRAPMENT, MURDER, TORTURE, INTERFERENCE WITH ACCESS TO EMERGENCY SERVICES for a start. There is an International Law about "Adequate Food in the Community' too but they responded to NO law there.

While they were starving, assaulting, imprisoning Dana and starving the cat, the clever little newspaper man was getting away with irritating the rapes of these mostly women and stealing their money, healing, name in some cases, etc. To have focused malice (the intention of causing harm) on rapes going everyday is a serious health risk. SUICIDE is very clearly programmed into the newspaper's intentions because Rape Trauma Syndrome and PTSD both carry suicide risks by any stimulation of the conditions. Some of these gangrapes and murder attempts had happened when the women were underage, on top of it. This makes their article OBSCENITY and possibly CHILD PORNOGRAPHY (both separate Federal offenses) but what Ken Picard's article is really doing is sealing in blood the contract that the Vermont State government has with its police and businessess-- 'Keep The Rape Going'. They run the rape ring, they want to assassinate the competition and they want to
silence anything about it from the public. This is attempting to murder people directly while stealing their lives, their property, then the name that will remain on in their after-life. They are damaging children.

They've had to 'Correct' their article but in doing so Censored out the retort by the film maker who originally had sent a 200 word response.
In that response, the WRCC/HOPE was confronted about being the competition, the journalist Picard was 'corrected' about 'accidentally'
sexualizing the victim's rapes but blaming it on the film maker. They censored all commentary about the article as well. 

There are many, many more abuses to speak of from the criminally occupied State of Vermont government but these are enough for
the public to know in relation to getting a HUGE AWARD SETTLEMENT
 to build this animal skyscraper. The amount of money the Federal government levies as a fine for a single violation of Federal Copyright or Trademark Infringement is up to $1  million and 30 years in Federal prison. The number of copyright infringement violations by Seven Days with this serial rapist-killer Ken Picard are about 250,000 multiplied by $1 million -That's $250 billion in potential cash for the Federal government to collect in just fines!  This could be a $2 billion settlement with much of it being dedicated to ANIMAL RESCUE.

A man named Ken Picard in Burlington, Vermont is in the act of FEDERAL STATUTORY RAPE right now. This person with his very disgusting and crooked newspaper "SEVEN DAYS ALTERNATIVE" there have
defrauded a film from an artist who was doing work
to benefit rape survivors. He journaled their stories,
made art and was portraying them on film in their
own words (using actors). The local Rape Crisis
Center in Burlington (HOPE then 'WRCC') contacted the newsman with the police and they all together worked to stop the film makers project-- so the Rape center could steal it! 

That's right, the HOPE / WRCC Rape center hired artists to replace the original film makers art, replaced the survivors he worked with by using their crisis center to recruit stories (which they would in turn own 100%), the police repeatedly intimidated the film maker. They did this right on tape for the record and in his house by saying things like 'Stop Making Art", "the WRCC has a MONOPOLY on Rape!". 

The police also *banned food* for the film maker. In Burlington, the weather is 2/3 of the year brutally cold and weather can dip to -20 fairly commonly during winter. The only grocery store locally is one elected in by the people to be there and they voted for a co-op over a chain. The thought was nice, but the co-op is aggressive, dishonest and criminal. The police assaulted the film maker in the head for attempting to buy food and clean water. The cops covered up the evidence with the grocery store (deleting the video, both lying together). Another assault occurred just after when the police assaulted him in the head in front of the Bernie Sanders/Mason Temple/Federal Building right on Pearl St. in Burlington on the way to the police station for the 'food' charges. Those 'Food' charges were eventually cleared but then they put the man under arrest a second time for complaining of not being able to buy food! They even had to make up a new State law to pretend that he had violated it. That led to a State prison term with no conviction, no trial--
and here is where the KITTY SKYSCRAPER part comes in-- the prison guards would not allow the man his phone call!
The little kitty at home named 'Foxinas' (other name 'Bacon') was left all alone at home with no food or water the entire time the film maker was falsely imprisoned! This became a two month prison stay-- one week in the State Penitentiary (where he was being drugged and threatened to be raped by a guard) and 7 weeks in a State Psychiatric place for criminally insane people. A psychiatrist interviewed him twice and determined he was 'insane and incompetent' because he believed people 'need food from a grocery store'. This is right on paper from a medical Doctor. Only insane people require food? Ok!

Tell Ken You Think He Is A Statutory Rapist!!!!


We want a skyscraper in Portland (hopefully we can get this for other cities later on..) where Dana resides now dedicated to housing cats. Actually--the design includes a lot more than just a 'cathouse' but an aviary (birds), a luxury dog hotel and a ride in the center of the building for tourists! Also, only natural materials are being used-- we want wood and other organic building materials. This is to keep the cats healthier from the exposure
to the natural leaves, insects, scents/natural chemicals, oxygen, etc. which cats love so much rather than being stuck inside an air conditioned building always wanting to feel the breeze or sun. This also means we want the building to be exposed to the air until it's time for it to be closed up, and then we want a faux fur lining (which we will discuss later) to shield the elements from the cats and to make it look like a kitty tower 'faux' real! We need waste management and feeding systems to be built into the design. We want to explore a recycling of waste for growing organic food supplies (where vegetables can suffice) and to explore the possibility of allowing city birds or other birds to be able to enter the building and be hunted by the kitties for food. We want mini-waterfalls, access to each floor for service and for cuddles. We want an adoption room at the end of the ride where you can cuddle all day with the kitties. We want a way to interact with the cats in the skyscraper on the building separate from the direct living areas of the kitties which will be very visually aligned to the spiral ride upward and down which will be available for a fee to the public. At the top of the building we want an aviary to help endangered birds. We want them to be able to fly around freely and come back on their own instead of having a net or cage. We want a restaurant for vegan cuisine with jazz artists on a stage on the bottom floor. We want a half-court street court basketball auditorium with seats for a few thousand or so for a "Dog and Cat League" indoor street ball league to compete. Why 'Dog and Cat League'? We want a doggie condomium building built underground from the natural kitty house above ground. We want a doggie running center to parallel the kitty house on the opposing side. We want obstacles, play, specific scent marking ('hydrant'), mazes and other enjoyable things for dogs to use while roaming up or down their choice of the massive doggie track of the opposing skyscraper. Why? The answer is because doggies naturally want to run all day but usually wind up sitting in cages miserably. We can sleep them in a fairly tight place under the ground while they run around as much as they want in an endless skyscraper for amusing doggies. We want a waste management system to be able to cleanse the flooring of the doggie ramp center easily (such as a track which can be frequently sprayed with water with channels for it to be drained and sealed on chronological triggers). We want a way to allow the dogs an easy route to feeding time when they are being called or when they want to exit the skyscraper and return to their personalized dwelling. We want the ride to spiral upward at a casual speed to get as close as possible to the animals living in the cat or dog skyscraper to see and interact with but not touch. We want an art studio at the center where the cat and dog arches meet but under the aviary. We want extensions outside the structure on both sides for birds to nest or perch. We want an electrical gym which will allow the public to use their labor to generate stored electricity to help offset costs of maintenance of the structure. We want Aretha Franklin's "Respect" to play every 12 hours in both buildings on a loudspeaker! We want faux fur lining on the outside of the building which can be used when the weather is not good for the animals. We want kitties to be able to access the entire area of the skyscraper and doggies for their side too (where it's possible-they do kill each other more frequently!). We want the basketball court to have a plexiglass or other see-thru material for floor/ceiling
 so kitties can watch from above and doggies from below. We want a few apartments in there (for Dana and a few vets, etc.). We want a giant lcd screen outside that broadcast's Dana's latest art works which were produced in the building. We want
two controlled waterfalls from the top of the arch- the doggie side creating cleansing water curtains between floors with a pool at the bottom for them to enjoy, the kitty side featuring many oases for them to play and rest around it. We want a separate scenic ride wrapping around the building at the top of the arch and up to the aviary to enjoy the views of the surrounding city as if you're a bird flying around it (also to generate specific funds to support the aviary). We want a luxury hotel with natural architecture and furniture and an express elevator from the bottom which is powered by human hands (good labor positions). We want a gravity powered ride of descension for the doggies with waste management designed into the carts. We want the doggie ride to spin through the kitty side and intertwine with the people ride. We want a farm at the top of the arch with animals suitable for dogs to hunt such as rabbits. We want cats to be able to cross over through tunnels
which dogs can see, hear and smell through that the kitties can access the doggie side to drop fun objects onto them such as: pillows, doggie toys, water balloons, leaves, etc.--just for fun! 

We want a contest for the design with a Prize of at least $1 million to the winning architect.